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Do you feel hurt, unappreciated or angry at someone close to you?

It might be at home, someone you work with, a friend, even someone at church. You can’t believe that they could do this to you. It feels like they’ve done something you would never do to them. Read more

It is time for a change, time to discover your Heart Strength.

Heart Strength Coaching works to help you:

  • Reconnect with strength you hardly knew possible
  • Experience peace in the eye of the storm
  • Cut through confusion that seems so heavy
  • Gain perspective to help you move forward again

What should I expect?

Many clients leave sessions with

  • A greater sense of confidence
  • Clarity about their unique strengths
  • Understanding how to have greater influence in our world.
  • Freedom from the sense of being “small and trapped” finding a more “spacious place” to live.
  • A greater sense of freedom to live and operate
  • A move beyond betrayal, hurt and anger
  • Calm and peace.
  • Increased effectiveness.
  • Freedom to keep going and press through tough situations.
  • Renewed strength.

What is Heart Strength Coaching?

Heart Strength Coaching is a Christian counseling organization in Fresno, California, that specializes in helping people think more clearly so that they can experience joy, peace and grace in life, as much as possible. We love to see our clients become more effective in doing the things that mean the most to them.

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