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We are a counseling and coaching organization that enjoys helping individuals learn how to quickly recognize, interpret, and mediate reactive emotions.  This allows for clearer thinking, a stronger heart, and calmer mind. The individual in this state of mind is better equipped to wisely meet the crucial moments of life, large and small.

An impulsive mind, follows reactive emotions.  In a moment, the impulsive mind can jerk us into thoughts and behaviors   that take us far from where we originally intended to go.  Clear thinking skills can take us back on course. If we increase good, clear thinking to more and more areas of life it helps us grow in stability, character and  the ability to stay on track with what is most important to us.

Relationships can be the catalyst for the most wonderful and the most hurtful experiences in life. Relating to another person (such as the complex dynamics of family life) can overwhelm us with emotions. If those emotions are reactive emotions (such as anxiety, anger, frustration), they can significantly cloud the thinking processes, leaving us hurt and confused.  We end up pursuing goals like “proving things to others” or “teaching them a lesson!”  When we have cooled off and look back from a different perspective, we can see that pursuing some goals really does us more harm than good.

What if we could bring that wiser perspective into the very moment when impulse is calling so loudly? Heart Strength Coaching may help you do just that and could help lead you to the vital tools you’ve been looking for where you make clearer sense of  interactions or even help you thrive and benefit from the relationships in your life.

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