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What If We Asked More Questions?

Do I have anything to add to the community of written word?
For years I have wanted to write…but what? I love to read. I love to ask questions. I love to listen and learn. But what could I possibly add to the world of ideas that hasn’t already been adequately offered? So there I stopped…dead in my tracks…nothing to say!

Shall I offer questions?
Why do I assume I have nothing to offer? Where did the switch get turned off in my mind telling me I have nothing valuable to share? You can’t imagine how many conversations occurred in my life where I have listened quietly and said almost nothing! I assumed that whatever I was thinking was not worth speaking forth. It really didn’t seem worth imposing into the marketplace.
But something is turning on lately.
Maybe what I have to offer are the questions my mind is always asking!

Learning from experience with my students…
I taught for two years at Fresno City College. My course was a First Year College Management/Life Management Course. I am sure I learned more than my students! Somebody has to train those fledgling teachers, coaches and counselors. I needed training.

Why were my students not accustomed to asking significant questions?
To my surprise and shock, one of my lessons was the curious discovery that very few of those young minds were asking questions! Such a waste! No questions…NO ANSWERS! Their minds seemed at a standstill. Learn (?)…that seemed so boring to them. Read a book for pleasure…are you kidding? Work hard on a project for what you could add or gain(?)…students with that mindset were a mere handful. Contribute to society(?)…why do that?

Was life really out of their control?
Many of my students had no perception of the fact that they had tremendous influence over their own experience and future. They commonly assumed that outside influences would act upon their lives and determine whether life was good or bad. They did not realize their own capacity to affect their world. In an age when critical thinking is a frequent buzzword, it appeared latent in these minds. Their minds were formulating few inquisitive questions.

So why in the world would we bother to be inquisitive?

What do questions add to my life? Why bother with them? What will be the loss if I don’t bother developing a questioning mind and lifestyle? What is it that matters to me? Why? What will I spend to get that and/or keep it in place? What is truth? Does it matter to me? Why? How? How do I find satisfying answers? How do I know if the answers are accurate? Does it matter if they are accurate…if they are truth? What is valuable about that person in my life? How will I discover what is valuable about them? Can I believe what you are telling me? Will it prove true in my life and experience? Am I willing to be embarrassed by believing that?

Turning on questions turns on discovery!
Do you see how it works? Questions look for the light switch and turn on lights to understanding. With greater understanding I see my way more clearly. Asking questions is like getting out on the court instead of sitting on the bench. It is so much more fun!

What more shall we ask to keep learning and growing?
What are the questions we could be asking today? How will they affect us? Is my mind working on questions that really build in my life? Am I discovering more insight? Am I using that to grow in compassion? Insight leading to compassion frequently enhances relationship.

Am I discovering what is true? Do my thoughts of what is true stand the tests of time and experience? Truth, coupled with a generous heart, can lead to greater stability, freedom, and zesty living! Don’t I love those?!?!?!?

Are there questions I am not asking myself right now that might help me be a better me?

Yes! Let’s find those!

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